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Shipping & Returns


Shipping with Pay Pal purchases is simple, and packages can be tracked. In addition, shipments will not be unduly delayed, due to having to hand-address, and hand carry to the post office (our store is WAY out in the woods, and we don’t get into town regularly).

Some items may take longer to ship than others, like special orders or customized items. Shipping is usually either by US Postal Service or United Parcel Service.

Minimum Postage and handling fee is $5.00, and larger items cost more to ship. For each additional $20.00 in merchandise, add $3.00 shipping and handling. Pay Pal will calculate your shipping charges accordingly.

For example, to help you estimate...

  • $0.01-$12.00 = $5.00
  • $12.01-$20.00 = $7.00
  • $20.01-$30.00 = $9.00

    For each additional $10.00 in merchandise, add $2.00 for shipping.


    If you want to order something in bulk, please contact us for shipping costs. For example, 30 Paintin' Paws ($150.00) would probably fit in a priority mail envelope and weigh less than 2 pounds. I doubt very much that it would take the stated $33.00 to ship! We do try to be reasonable on shipping costs. Contact us via email at: store@dogscouts.org if you have questions.


    We do not have a department to handle returns, so if you think you’re going to change your mind on an item, we suggest that you just don’t order it!

    In some cases though, we do all that we can to get measurements for packs or capes that we think will fit your dog, and it ends up being off. Please contact our office if you need to exchange something for a different size. Otherwise, we feel that we pretty accurately portray each product we offer in words and pictures, and there shouldn’t be any reason why it does not meet your expectations.

    Please include your complete mailing address and daytime phone number or email address with all orders.

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